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Zeyad Sa’ad Shaker Al Awsi
University Studies: Bachelor Of music from Baghdad university / Iraq . Majoring (Piano). Work shop: sessions In Methods of Teaching rhythm to children in cooperation with ”Gothe” Institute & National Conservatory of Music, Amman.

Academic Experience:

  • Part Time Music Teacher at ( Abdull hameed Sharaf ) School.
  • Part Time Guitar Teacher at ( ICS ) School.
  • Part Time Choir trainer For ( Smart Start ) kindergarten & Other nurseries.
  • Part Time Guitar Teacher at (Freddy for Music ) Institute in Amman in coordination with Trinity College of Music. Level from 1 to 8 from 1998 to 2009.

also taught guitar at:

  • part time guitar, keyboard teacher at Montessori.
  • gave music for ballet students , music and ballet school ,baghdad 2004\2005.
  • piano , trainer at the institute of fine arts ,baghdad 2004\2005.
  • Choir trainer for children in the (Islamic Science College) school. From 1998 at Amman.
  • Music teacher for children from 1995 to 1997. Bishop school at Amman.
  • piano trainer, Institute of Fine Arts/ ministry of education from 1993 to 1994 at Baghdad
  • piano trainer ( for beginners ) College of Fine Arts / University of Baghdad / Dept. of Music .
  • Teaching Elements of Music for children in (Baghdad School ) , Summer session. From 1993 to l993.

Musical Activities:

  • wrote Music for guitar, piano, keyboard, ud instrument
  • music writer for spiritual, Islamic, sentimental, songs for kids
    Has The ability to Classical, baroque , renaissance, Arabic, improvisations on piano, guitar ,ud
  • plays pop Iraqi, Arabic, western music on piano, guitar, ud
  • Performances ......3.solo guitar concerts
  • Entertainment music: at Embassies; French, Canadian, British.
  • Recorded C.D for Piano music , Amman Jordan 1999.
  • Recorded C.D for guitar music ,Amman Jordan 2002.


Harmonizing Arabic iraqi instrumental vocal melodic songs music by piano & guitar.

musical affecition:

his uncle the faimous iraqi singer Ilham Al Madfaie, largely has affected on him.

accompaniments with groups, singers, solo players, by guitar keyboard piano and guitar:

  • Solo Guitar Concert at Al Safadi Gallery ( Amman ) 2011.
  • Entertainment Concerts in Co operation With Amman municipality with his friends 2009-2013
  • Solo Concert at Dar Al Anda Gallery Amman 2005.
  • 1999 to 2000 in Al-Anda art gallery, Amman Jordan.
  • 1999 Joza concert” an old Iraqi instrument at Al-Orfali gallery. Amman Jordan.
  • 1998 Jerash Festival. With Iraqi Ud player Naseer Shamma.
  • 1997 in R.C.C. with his friend Iraqi Ud player Omar Munir Bashir.
  • 1996 concert in R.C.C. with The ” Joza” traditional iraqi instrument.
  • 1995 in R.C.C. with Iraqi singer Ilham Al-Madfai.
  • 1995 in the Jordanian Plastic Art Association with Iraqi singer Ilham Al- Madfai.
  • 1995 Akkad group concert, in Al-Ribat music hall at baghdad.
  • 1994 Baghdad International School . in Baghdad .with Santoor traditional Instrument.
  • 1994 Saddam Art Center with Iraqi traditional instrument” Santoor”.